Turner Ranch Outfitting™ (TRO) is the commercial hunting and fishing division of Turner Enterprises, Inc. and offers hunting and fishing opportunities on western Turner ranches. In addition to coordinating guest services with Turner ranch managers, TRO conducts wildlife surveys, provides supervision for contract biologists and oversees the activity of contract outfitters and leaseholders. TRO is also the point of contact at numerous sporting shows, representing high quality outfitted adventures.

Turner Ranch Outfitting™ offers hunting opportunities on ten Turner ranches in five mid-western states. TRO also has longstanding relationships with outstanding contract outfitters who handle outfitting opportunities in Montana and Argentina.

Vermejo Park Ranch is the only Turner property operating as a full-service guest ranch. Vermejo Park offers first-class lodging, dining and gracious hospitality in addition to a variety of outfitting opportunities including fully guided hunts, fishing and eco-tours.



Contact: Neil Lawson
Turner Ranch Outfitting™
Phone: (575) 740-1161
Email: neil.lawson@turnerranchoutfitting.com


Armendaris Ranch, located in southwestern New Mexico, consists of 362,885 acres of habitat. Popular with guests for many years, Armendaris offers hunting opportunities for mule deer, pronghorn, bison, and oryx and now offers special opportunities for desert bighorn ram hunts in the Fra Cristobal Mountains. The ranch has a long standing partnership with the state game and fish department resulting in six issued permits, three via state drawing and three issued to TRO hunting clients.

Armendaris hunts are guided by TRO staff or contract outfitters. Hunting opportunities will vary from year to year based on annual surveys.


The 156,439-acre Ladder Ranch is located in southwest New Mexico. This ranch borders the Gila National Forest in the Black Range foothills. TRO offers a limited number of guided hunts on the Ladder for trophy elk and mule deer; wild turkeys are hunted in the spring. Ladder trophy bucks and bulls are among the best produced in this region.


Vermejo Park Ranch is 585,000 acres of private land located in Northeastern New Mexico where the Great Plains meet the Rockies.  The ranch, once part of the 1.7 million-acre Beaubien-Miranda (Maxwell) Land Grant, has been owned and managed by Turner Enterprises, Inc. since 1996.  Vermejo Park Ranch’s elevation ranges from 5,900 to nearly 13,000 feet above sea level, comprising of several biomes from short-grass prairie to alpine tundra. Vermejo is home to approximately 8,000 elk, thousands of deer, pronghorn, Merriam’s turkeys, hundreds of bear, cougar and other native wildlife.  The ranch also maintains a large privately-owned herd of bison of the unique “Castle Rock” genetic strain.  

Hunting has been a part of the ranch since ancestors of the Jicarilla Apache, Kiowa and other Native American tribes roamed the area looking for bison, elk and deer.  Rocky Mountain elk, once extirpated from most of the West, were repatriated to the Ranch in the early 1900s by Vermejo Park founder William Bartlett.  Mr. Bartlett, an avid hunter, angler and amateur naturalist, brought a small number of elk from Yellowstone to Vermejo where he released them.  Through the following century the herd grew and soon Vermejo became known as one of the premier elk hunting venues in North America.  Generations of guests have come here to hunt, observe and otherwise enjoy the wildlife resources of the ranch. 

Hunting will always be a part of Vermejo and is consistent with the Turner Enterprises’ mission statement, which is “To Manage Turner Properties in an economically sustainable and ecologically sensitive manner while promoting the conservation of native species and habitats.”  Managing a landscape as large as Vermejo requires maintaining a balance between animals and habitat.   The sport harvest of game by guests provides an economic benefit to the ranch as well as helping to maintain balanced and sustainable populations of elk, deer, pronghorn and other wildlife within a sustainable habitat.

Contact: Lief Ahlm
Phone:  (575) 445-2059, ext. 219
Email: hunts@vermejo.com

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The Sandhills Properties consist of six ranches located in the Sandhills region of northwestern Nebraska. Sandhills Ranches include: Spikebox RanchFawn Lake RanchMcGinley RanchDeer Creek RanchMcMurtrey Ranch and Blue Creek Ranch. All properties are managed for grass and bison production.

TRO offers limited trophy deer hunting for whitetail and mule deer on Sandhills ranches. TRO staff or contract outfitters guide these trophy quality hunts, which have been consistently outstanding for the areas hunted. In addition, the ranch families are a big part of TRO programs and make the experience especially enjoyable for guests. With their cooperation, Sandhills properties have become a favorite guest destination.


Bad River Ranch is located in central South Dakota. This 141,357 -acre ranch is named for the river that flows through the property. The riparian area provides important wildlife habitat for numerous game birds, waterfowl, and wild turkey. Big game hunting includes mule deer, whitetail deer, and pronghorn. TRO provides guided hunts for these species and trophy quality is excellent for this region. The ranch also has a great reputation for trophy bison hunts when animals are available.


This south central Kansas property consists of 42,479 acres of prime wildlife habitat. Several waterways course through the property, including the Salt Fork River that supplies cover for whitetail deer and wild turkey. In an effort to provide the best quality hunt possible, TRO offers guided hunts for these species each year based on surveys. Bison hunting is offered on a limited basis for herd management purposes.



Montana Hunting Company provides guided elk and deer hunts on Turner ranches in Montana. Hunting opportunities are available on the Bar NoneSnowcrestRed Rock and Flying D ranches; guided bison harvests are also offered on the Flying D ranch.

Contact: Rob Arnaud
Montana Hunting Company
Phone:  (406) 585-9051
Email:  rob@arnaudoutfitting.com



C. Francis & Co. Sporting Agents offers commercial sport fishing and hunting opportunities on two Turner properties in Argentina.

Collon Cura Lodge is located on the banks of the Collon Cura River, one of the premiere locations for rainbow and brown trout fishing in Patagonia. The ranch also offers world–class Red Stag hunting opportunities.

Estancia San Jose is one of the world’s top destinations for sea-run brown trout angling with a fly. Situated on the banks of the Rio Grande River on the Argentine side of the island of Tierra del Fuego, this property offers some of the finest anadromous brown trout angling anywhere.

Contact: Chris Francis
C. Francis & Co. Sporting Agents
Phone: (877) 898-4005
Email:  cjf@c-francis.com