ABOUT: Armendaris Ranch, located in southwestern New Mexico along the Rio Grande River, consists of 362,885 acres of mostly Chihuahuan and semi-desert grasslands. The Fra Cristobal Mountain range on property is home to a successfully reintroduced desert bighorn sheep population.  The bighorn sheep restoration project on Armendaris Ranch, led by Turner Endangered Species Fund, commenced in 1995 and concluded in 2011. Trophy ram hunts were then implemented in the following year in 2012.

HUNTS: Armendaris is renowned for its big game hunting, which is overseen by our contract guides and outfitters and includes mule deer, African oryx and pronghorn. Armendaris Ranch also offers bison hunts when management and trophy animals are available.


    • GENERAL INFO: TRO provides very limited hunting opportunities for desert bighorn rams. Presently, Armendaris hosts two (2) hunts for these pinnacle big game trophies each season. The desert bighorn population is monitored closely and permit numbers are adjusted accordingly. We currently offer two 10-day hunt periods each season.

    • PRICING: The hunt fee is $65,000 plus the state license and permit fees. Guides, meals and transportation on the ranch are included. We are also happy to facilitate the licensing process.

ACCOMMODATIONS: The hunter and one guest stays with us at the Deep Well Bunkhouse on property, located a short distance from the Fra Cristobal Mountain Range.