ABOUT: Ladder Ranch yields a mix of ecosystems from desert grasslands to pine forests and borders the Gila National Forest in the Black Range foothills. The ranch displays the most diverse array of wildlife among all Turner ranches; and is also known to have archaeological significance, with numerous remnants of the Mimbres culture found on the property.

HUNTS: Turner Ranch Outfitting (TRO) offers premium guided hunts for mule deer and elk on a very limited basis.

  • ELK: Hunts have been limited to twelve (12) trophy bulls per season for many years. TRO manages for an optimal age class which regularly produces the largest bulls (on average) in the region and on our ranches. We typically hunt six (6) archery and six (6) rifle bull elk, with which we’ve had much success. These hunts are booked well in advance of the season with private land permits.

    • PRICING: The hunt fee is currently priced at $15,000 plus the state license and permit fees.

  • MULE DEER: TRO offers five (5) mule deer hunts that provide a quality experience with exclusive and vast areas of the ranch for our hunters to enjoy.

    • PRICING: This hunt is currently priced at $7,000 for a five (5) day hunt plus license and permit fees, which may vary.

ACCOMMODATIONS: Hunters are accommodated at the rustic, yet comfortable, Bunkhouse Lodge, located on the banks of the Animas Creek near ranch headquarters.