Turner Ranch Outfitting™ (TRO) is the commercial hunting division of Turner Enterprises, Inc., offering an assortment of hunts on 16 western and midwestern Turner ranches in five states, as well as Turner-owned estancias in Argentina.


Turner Ranch Outfitting is committed to honoring and conserving our natural world - a promise instilled by its founder, media mogul and philanthropist Ted Turner, and one that permeates all facets of his businesses, both for and non-profit. Turner’s dedication to the environment is consistent with the management mission of his ranches and properties: to manage Turner lands in an economically sustainable and ecologically sensitive manner while promoting the conservation of native species.

Turner Ranch Outfitting and Turner Enterprises acknowledge the importance of hunting and the major role it plays in species conservation and biodiversity on these ranches. TRO works alongside Turner Ranches and Turner Endangered Species Fund to ensure conscientious and humane treatment of game species by employees and guests, as well as the safeguarding of endangered and imperiled species on Turner properties. Visit www.tesf.org to learn more about our endangered and imperiled species conservation projects across Turner properties.