ABOUT: The Z-Bar Ranch is a 42,479-acre property located in south central Kansas along the Salt Fork of the Arkansas River. The ranch is a native, mixed grass prairie with sandy river soils, gyp rock outcroppings and a wide variety of soil types.  Its rolling hills, canyons and bluffs are dramatically different from the surrounding areas of flat cropland. Z-Bar is home to a wide variety of native prairie wildlife including bison, whitetail deer, antelope, turkeys, pheasants, bobwhite quail, coyotes, bobcats, badgers and black-tailed prairie dogs. 

HUNTS: Deer and turkeys have been commercially hunted over the years with either Turner Ranch Outfitting guides or contract outfitters. Harvest numbers remain conservative in order to encourage opportunity for quality, old age class animals.

ACCOMODATIONS: Hunters stay in guest quarters on the ranch.